Level of Achievement with Reference to Indicators

Cambodia / Output-3

Indicators in PDM ver. 1.3

Level of Current Achievement

Target in December 2015

3-1.    State Safety Program (SSP) and regulations on SMS for air navigation services have been developed.

SSCA is finalizing the draft SSP for implementation in 3Q of 2013. SSCA is in the process of approving draft Air Navigation Regulations (ANR) for approval or SSCA will produce other legal document that able to use for the approval ANSP in 2013.

SSP and SMS for ANS have been developed.

3-2.    ANSP’s SMS has been certified by SSCA

SSCA will approve/certify CATS’s SMS in accordance with SSP, ANR and guidelines in 3Q of 2013.

CATS’ SMS has been certified by SSCA

3-3.    Record of SMS operation by ANSP is available.


SSCA will have implemented requirements for ANSP to record SMS-related activities and report the activities to SSCA.

3-4.    Number of safety audits in air navigation services conducted by SSCA


SSCA will have conducted formal safety audits in 2013, 2014 and 2015, in accordance with SSP.

3-5.    Number of corrective action recommended by the safety audits


SSCA will have made recommendations where necessary as a result of safety audits conducted in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

3-6.    Number of safety auditors who can conduct safety audits in air navigation services


SSCA will have at least 8 trained safety auditors in ANS. The number of auditors by fields is 2 in ATM, 2 in AIS, 2 in SAR, 2 in CNS, 2 in MET and 3 in PANS/OPS.