Level of Achievement with Reference to Indicators

Cambodia / Output-1

Indicators in PDM ver. 1.3

Level of Current Achievement

Target in December 2015

1-1.    Number of airports where WGS-84 data are completed

JICA conducted WGS84 survey of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap Airports with verification of survey data using long baseline analysis. The survey of SihanoukAirports is planned in 4Q of 2013.

WGS84 coordinates for all 3 international airports and 8 domestic airports will have been surveyed, verified and published in AIP.

1-2.    Number of PBN flight procedures that design is completed

34 PBN flight procedures (SID, STAR and IAP) for Phnom Penh Airport were designed. Approximately 40 flight procedures for Siem Reap and Sihanouk Airports are planned to be designed in 2013.

RNP AP APCH design will be added for Phnom Penh and Siem Reap by 2014 if required.

PBN flight procedures for Battambang, Stung Treng, Koh Kong, and PreahVihear will be designed by 2015.

1-3.    Number of PBN flight procedures that flight validation is completed

The flight validation for Phnom Penh Airport is planned in May 2013.

Flight validation will be conducted for all flight procedures in 1-2.above, within 6 months after design is completed.

1-4.    Progress of development of standards for PBN operational approval

SSCA started developing standards for PBN operational approval in September 2012 for completion in July 2013. The development of PBN Operational Approval Handbook is also in progress.

Aircraft operators registered in Cambodia will have received PBN operational approval.

1-5.    Progress of establishment of PBN flight procedures



a)   Number of airports where PBN procedures are implemented

Nil. 34 PBN flight procedures for Phnom Penh are expected to be implemented in July 2013.

3 international airports

4 other airports

b)   Number and types of PBN procedures (SID/STAR/APCH) which are implemented at airports

Nil. 34 procedures including RNAV SID & STAR and IAP for Phnom Penh Airports in July 2013 pending flight validation arrangement.

Flight procedures in 1-2. will have been implemented and published in AIP in accordance with Cambodian PBN Roadmap.

c)   Number of RNAV/RNP routes which are implemented for enroute

There are 3 RNAV10 routes.

All ATS Routes will be designated as RNAV5 subject to coordination with adjacent FIR in 2013.

1-6.    Number of flight procedure designers capable of producing PBN flight procedures

4 SSCA designers completed training under the JICA Project, and can conduct PBN flight procedure designs except advanced level designs.Currently, two officialsare designing for Phnom Penh International Airport and the other two will join designing for Siem Reap and Sihanouk International Airports.

The Project will start training on advanced level design such as APV/Baro-VNAV and RNP AR APCH in 2013.

4 SSCA designers can conduct PBN flight procedure designs at advanced level, and oversight of flight procedure designs.

4 CATS designers can conduct PBN flight procedure designs at advanced level.

1-7.    Number of flight validation officers capable of conducting PBN flight validation

SSCA will appoint three officers to be flight validation officers, all of whom participated in the Flight Inspection/ Validation Training held under the Project in January 2013.

Cambodia may establish regional cooperation mechanism with Lao PDR and Vietnam to use flight inspection services of Vietnam ATTECH, when ATTECH is certified accordingly.

1-8.    Number of flight standard officers capable of developing standards for PBN operational approval

SSCA will adopt Advisory Circular to appoint 1 flight standard officer for PBN operational approval.

SSCA will have two flight standard officers for PBN operational approval by the end of the Project.