JICA Mid-term Review

中間レビュー調査結果要約表(in Japanese)
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1)To verify the current achievement and progress of the Project as per

    the Project plan


2)To evaluate the Project based on five (5) point criteria


3)To provide recommendations to the Project with regards to the activities

   for the remaining period

Evaluation Criterias

  Whether the Project Purpose meets the need of the intended beneficiaries
  Whether the Project is consistent with the host country’s policies and

  Japan’s aid policies


 To what extent the Project Purpose has been achieved to benefit

 beneficiaries and target group



  Whether input resources have been utilized effectively or not



  What long-term effects and ripple effects brought by the Project are



  To what extent to which the achievement of the Project would be

  further continued and expanded after the completion of the Project


Review process

1)JICA organizes the Evaluation Team


2)Assignment of evaluators from the recipient side to join the

   Evaluation Team


3)Questionnaire sent to the Project
   To be answered by the Japanese Experts and Project Counterpart

4)Mobilization of the Project Evaluation Team and joining of the members

   from the recipient side



   Collection of additional information

   Discussion on the situation/achievement/issues of the Project


6)Production of the Mid-term Review Report


7)Presentation of the Report at the JCC


8)Approval of the Report by the JCC