Level of Achievement with Reference to Indicators

Lao PDR / Output-3

Indicators in PDM ver. 1.2

Level of Current Achievement

Target in December 2015

3-1.   State Safety Program (SSP) and regulations on SMS for air navigation services have been developed.

DCA developed SSP in October 2010. DCA approved SMS regulations in December 2012. SMS procedures and guidelines are to be developed.

SSP and SMS for ANS have been developed and implemented.

3-2.   ANSP’s SMS has been certified by DCA

Nil. LATM has a SMS manual for ATC. It plans to modify the SMS manual by adding CNS components to comply with DCA’s SMS Regulation in December 2012.

Subsequent to the implementation of SSP and safety regulations in ANS by 3Q of 2013, LATM will further update its SMS and implement the updated SMS within 6 months after DCA approval.DCA will have continuously reviewed the SMS of LATM.

3-3.   Record of SMS operation by ANSP is available.

DCA issued an instruction, as an interim arrangement, to LATM, requiring LATM to record SMS-related activities to DCA in January 2013. LATM maintains operational records of SMS since January 2013.

LATM will have maintained records of SMS-related activities since January 2013, and submitted reports to DCA.

3-4.   Number of safety audits in air navigation services conducted by DCA

DCA conducted safety audits at 11 LATM facilities in 2012. DCA requires safety audit to international airports one a year and domestic airports every two years. DCA has developed the audit plan for 2013.

DCA will continue to conduct safety audits of international airports once a year and domestic airports every two years.

3-5.   Number of corrective action recommended by the safety audits

DCA audit teams identified 14 findings for 4 international airports and 4 findings for domestic airports as a result of the audits in 2012. Corrective actions were recommended in the final report.

DCA will have made recommendations where necessary as a result of safety audits conducted in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

3-6.   Number of safety auditors who can conduct safety audits in air navigation services

DCA has 8 auditors in ANS. Training is needed as only 4 out of 8 auditors had formal training. Other 3 auditors from other agencies are available on request.

DCA will have at least 8trained safety auditors/inspectors in ANS. By fields of ANS, 2 auditors in ATM, 2 in AIS, 2 in SAR, 2 in CNS, 2 in MET, 3 in PANS-OPS and preferred targets.