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CJCC/5 in Phnom Penh

Koh Santepheap No. 8057 Saturday-Sunday 21-22 December, 2013 Cambodia-Japan held The Fifth Meeting of the New CNS/ATM Systems Development Phnom Penh: The Fifth Meeting for Reviewing and Strengthening the New CNS/ATM Systems was held on 17 December, 2013 at Phnom Penh Hotel by Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) between Cambodia-Japan under resided by Mr. Mao Havannall and other Experts. “The purpose of this meeting is to review the implementation of New CNS/ATM Systems Management project which was funded by Japanese Committee about 500 million Yen to three countries Cambodia, Vietnam, Lao”, Mr. Mao Havannall, Secretary of State, SSCA said. He continued that “the main problem to be discussed is air controllers and air navigation technical training including the straighten system management of installed equipment”. He also said that “recently we has installed and implemented the modern flight system, so what we have to discuss about is reviewing what we had implemented and to be supplemented”. Meanwhile, we will discuss about further action plan for CNS/ATM implement from 2014-2016. On the other hand, Siem Reap International Airport will be installed modern system. Mr. Havannall added that the installed modern CNS/ATM system is quite important for Cambodia Flight because it can be ensure to all airline companies which land off-on at Cambodia Airport. In addition, it can reduce flight duration for each company. Sok Saray

RJCC/2 in Lao PDR

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CJCC/3 in Cambodia

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PBN training in Lao PDR

PBN training
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RJCC/1 in Cambodia

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