Project JICA

EMCA, Eastern Mekong new CNS/ATM


Official named "The Project for the Capacity Development for Transition to the New CNS/ATM Systems in Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Vietnam" is ODA project, funded by Goverment of JAPAN.


The project was launched on January 2011 in Hanoi. 

4 long-term and many short-term JICA experts are appointed for implimenting this project until January 2016.


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New!  New Project team's photo updated and more

          SUR Specialized Course, deadline 8/8

          Advanced PBN FPD is ready to start

          Safety Inspector and Auditor is ready to start




Our Goals





To improve efficiency and safety of flight operations and to enlarge the capacity of airspace through the transition to the new CNS/ATM systems in Eastern Mekong Region

1. Reduction in flight distance and time

2. Reduction in unsafe occurrences in flight operations

3. Reductions in average flight delays with regard to ANS

Project Purpose

To enhance the transition to the new CNS/ATM systems in Cambodia, Lao PDR & Vietnam

1. Utilization of PBN flight procedures in Cambodian, Lao PDR & Vietnamese airspace

2. Utilization of knowledge of new CNS/ATM systems in implementation and operation

3. Operation of SMS at all ANSPs




To develop capacity for establishing Performance Based Navigation (PBN) flight procedures



To develop training system for air traffic controllers and air navigation technical staff on the new CNS/ATM systems



To strengthen safety oversight capability by the introduction of Safety Management System (SMS) in air navigation services (Lao PDR and Vietnam)

To establish safety oversight system for navigation services (Cambodia)

Updated on 22 April 2013




Concept of key Output (Output-1 / PBN)

ICAO PBN brochure for public

Industry support PBN ICAO news release

Operational benefits of PBN flier by BOEING for industry

ICAO PBN manual Doc9613 3rd Ed. for aviation professional



Partners in Eastern Mekong 3 Countries

CAMBODIA partners

State Secretariat of Civil Aviation: SSCA



LAO PDR partners

Department of Civil Aviation: DCA
Lao Air Traffic Management: LATM



VIETNAM partners

Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam: CAAV  

Vietnam Air Traffic Management: VATM

Airports Corporation of Vietnam: ACV