WGS/84 W/G under TF-1

Duties of WGS-84W/G are described in the Decision No.5030/QD-CHK as below:

1) Study, define and propose aviation programs on WGS-84 survey at airports, air routes according to PBN roadmap;


2) Participate in studying, defining and proposing standards for surveying, database, maps according to WGS-84 used for Vietnam’s civil aviation;


3) Study and propose budget, alternatives for ensuring sufficient budget for conducting survey approved by Director General;


4) Participate in studying and proposing any changes in legal documents and aviation specific documents applied for WGS-84 system;


5) Propose guideline procedure for surveying WGS-84, regulate responsibilities of related agencies from survey plan step to output publication on AIP;


6) Propose procedures: survey quality management; survey data evaluation and check; WGS-84 database and record documents;


7) Propose development and operation of WGS-84 database of Vietnam’s aviation;


8) Study and propose obstacle standard and eTOD established on WGS-84;


9) Evaluate WGS-84 survey capacity of related organizations and firms; and


10) Study and define training request of aviation staff and related survey agencies.