PBN W/G under TF-1

Duties of PBN W/G are described in the Decision No.5029/QD-CHK as below:


1) Make plan for the implementation of “Performance Based Navigation and Global Navigation Satellite System of Vietnam’s Aviation” (PBN/GNSS); define sufficient requests for PBN/GNSS implementation;


2) Propose specific time for application and procedure, plan for PBN/GNSS implementation at airports, air routes;


3) Participate and propose any changes in legal documents and aviation specific documents applied for PBN/GNSS implementation;


4) Define necessary infrastructure requested for PBN/GNSS implementation;


5) Study and propose alternatives of GNSS system used for Vietnam’s aviation to submit to PBN/GNSS Sub-Committee for consideration and submission to the Director General’s approval;


6) Study and propose transition plan and termination roadmap (if any) of some ground navigation infrastructure system when applying PBN/GNSS;


7) Propose PBN/GNSS application plan for civil aviation organizations and firms using airspace, including general aviation activities;


8) Participate in studying, defining and unifying evaluation procedures of standard signals (in space) and navigation infrastructure system with authorized government management bodies;


9) Use ICAO standards for flight procedure, airport standards and implementation roadmap proposal; set up pilot flight procedures applying PBN/GNSS;


10) Participate in researching, establishing and proposing flight procedure design standards, ensuring the quality of flight procedure applying PBN/GNSS within Vietnam’s airspace;


11) Define requests and implementation steps for flight validation when PBN/GNSS is applied;


12) Establish flight procedure applying PBN/GNSS step by step according to approved procedures;


13) Study and propose requests for aeronautical information publication services when applying PBN/GNSS;


14) Define requests and implementation procedures toward the supervision of operation of GNSS in Vietnam and publication of related NOTAM newsletters;


15) Participate in studying and proposing operation policies, application of separation standards and air traffic procedure for PBN/GNSS activities;


16) Participate in studying and defining requests of ensuring sufficient license flight conditions for the installation of guaranteed PBN/GNSS equipment on board;


17) Participate in studying and defining standard requests for installation of license of guaranteed PBN/GNSS equipment on ground equipment;


18) Study and define demands for training toward related aviation staff;


19) Collect and evaluate PBN/GNSS application capacity of related organizations and firms;


20) Define requests for accepting procedures of implementing PBN/GNSS; and


21) Participate in establishing evaluation system during implementation for ensuring effectiveness and safety when PBN/GNSS is implemented.